Online Coupons & Coupon Codes

Q: What are online coupons?

A: An online coupon is an instrument meant to help consumers redeem a discount on a full-priced product, from a website. Online coupons are used at e-retailers to help consumers receive either a discount off a product’s list price or a discount on their entire order. They are only valid online (not in-store). Compared with brick-and-mortar stores, online stores can offer merchandise at reduced prices, since they do not have store rental fees or salaries for sales personnel to cover the profit from the merchandise. Because of this, online retailers can painlessly launch promotional campaigns such as online coupons to benefit their customers.

Q: What are coupon codes?

A: Online merchants issue coupon codes that are generally made up of letters, numbers, or special characters. A code can be applied to one or more products or services. Shoppers enter the corresponding code on a site’s checkout page to obtain a discount on their purchase, such as a percentage off the retail price, free shipping, or other promotions. They are also Known As discount codes, promotional codes, promo codes, e-coupons, digital coupons, offer codes, and special codes.

Q: What coupons does BuxCoupon.com offer?

A: At BuxCoupon.com, you can find different coupon types for your specific shopping needs:

  • Coupon Codes – To use these codes, simply copy the code from BuxCoupon.com and apply it at the appropriate time during checkout on the retailer’s site. For Printable coupons & In-store coupons – Simply print the coupon out and take it with you to the store. Don’t forget it at home!!
  • Free Shipping – No shipping fees for your e-shopping products.
  • Discount Deals – You can get the product price cut, only if you click the links at BuxCoupon.com. Some online merchants do not offer coupon codes directly on their websites but instead, use well-known affiliate programs to provide discount codes.
  • Grocery Coupons & Printable Grocery Coupons – All the grocery coupons on BuxCoupon.com are free, you can select and print hundreds of the most popular coupons right comfortably at your own home.

Q: Why do some coupons not work?

A: It is a really hard question. It may be caused by lots of reasons, such as coupon redemption times being limited, coupons expiring earlier than the expiration date, and merchants terminating the coupon without notification. Also, some of our coupons are submitted by users, and most of them should work well, but unfortunately, some of them don’t work. All coupons can be rated and commented on, you can check the votes and comments before using them. We strongly advise you to check the coupon and make sure you have received the discounts before completing the order. BuxCoupon.com does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy of the coupons shared by users.

Q: What should I do if I found invalid coupons?

A: Just comment on the coupon as “doesn’t work”; Your comments will help other shoppers. Our editorial team also would verify the coupon if it is voted as “doesn’t work”.

Q: What about adding a comment?

A: You can also comment on the offer and tell other shoppers what you found during use, and how much you saved, or you may leave a note about the merchant site. That way, BuxCoupon.com may review them and remind other customers before they use the coupon.

Submitting Coupons to BuxCoupon.com

Q: How do I submit a coupon?

A: Click the “Submit a Coupon” on the footer of our site. Choose the promotion type then fill in the description, expiration date, and security code.

Q: Can I submit coupon codes for new stores?

A: Now BuxCoupon.com does not accept adding new stores by yourself. If you’ve got a great coupon/deal for a new store, you should contact us first, then supply with detailed information:

  • Store Name
  • Store URL
  • Store Description
  • Targeted Markets and Demographics Info
  • Has Affiliate Program or not, if yes, please provide a link

Q: Why can’t I find the store when submitting coupons?

A: There are 2 possible reasons. The store is not available on BuxCoupon.com, or external coupons for the store are forbidden by the Affiliate Program Policy, Merchant Coupon Policy, or Coupon Sharing Policy.